5 Ways and Places to Use a Coffee Table In Your Home

5 Ways and Places to Use a Coffee Table In Your Home

We have all heard of coffee tables and seen them in a variety of homes and our lives. Whether it’s used for large books that no one reads, intricate design and aesthetic that add to the overall room style, or simply operate as an actual place to put your cup of coffee, coffee tables are a quintessential piece of furniture that sit in living rooms all over the world. 

They are a critical piece for any interior designer worth their salt, they provide necessary space and surfaces for placing things, and they compliment most interior designs out there with their simplicity and design.

But as much as they are cemented in your mind as being next to a couch in an expansive living room, coffee tables are much more versatile than that and can offer a variety of interior layout and design choices that can revolutionize any room in your home that it resides in. 

And with all the different home styles and types out there, you need a wide selection of quality coffee table designs. That’s where Monarch Home Furnishing comes in. We offer an incredibly wide selection of durable and stylish coffee tables that are perfect for just about any home, in addition to a wide variety of other quality home furnishing and furniture products; and it’s all easily accessible online! 

Keep reading to learn a few different ways you can utilize your coffee table, and how Monarch Home Furnishings has the coffee table of your dreams waiting in store for you!

The Original Place

As creative as you want to get with your coffee table placement, there’s a reason that it has a well-known and consistently viable place in your home: in the living room in front of the couch. It makes sense for a variety of reasons; it provide a necessary place for couch users to set down things like food plates, drinks, TV remotes, their feet, and more, it provides a canvas for decoration and interior furnishing of your living room, and it offers a visual balance between the imposing size and weight of the couch. 

Whether you use it to prop your feet when you watch TV, or solely as a decorative piece to hold large books that add to your overall home aesthetic, you can’t really go wrong with the classic placement of a coffee table in your living room in front of your couch. 

This placement might be harder for smaller apartments or smaller living rooms, so keep reading on to get a few more alternative ideas.

Coffee Table for Your Sunroom

For those of us who are lucky enough to have a sunroom in our home, we know how enjoyable and relaxing of an ambiance it creates. The natural lighting combined with the comfort of indoor seating and furnishing can’t really be beat. But even for the most well-lit and comfortable sunrooms out there, a coffee table will always have a place. 

Whether it’s the bridge between two lounge chairs, or pushed against the wall to hold plants and picture frames, or even sits floating in the middle of the room, a coffee table will allow you to use your sunroom more effectively. You can place hot or cold drinks on it, you can put books on it which you are actually going to read, and you can take into account its style and design to further complement the aesthetic and ambience of your sunroom. The possibilities are pretty endless!

Foot of Your Bed

Out of all the places in your home, this place might seem like an odd one to put your coffee table, but take some time to think about it. A coffee table at the foot of your bed offers you a place to put important things that you will need in the morning, like wallet, keys, phones, or other important items that you use throughout the day and sometimes into the night. 

This is especially effective if you have a large bedroom, as it won’t be in the way while it provides storage space and aesthetic. 

You can even use it as a bench to sit down on and take your shoes off or put your socks on for instance. In the end of the day, there isn’t much separating a quality and well-designed bench from a quality and well-designed coffee table, so consider the possibilities and how you might utilize a coffee table / bench at the foot of your bed.

A Stylish TV Stand

Unless you have your TV mounted on the wall, chances are you are utilizing some form of a TV stand to present your TV in front of your couch or to your living room. This might work for you and your interior setup, but for many folks, their TV stand is a large and obnoxiously bulky entertainment center, with a variety of cabinets and drawers that provide a lot of space they might not really need. 

A coffee table can offer a somewhat lower positioned, but equally effective TV stand for your home, allowing you to style and support your interior ambiance without completely taking up a large portion of the room with a bulk TV stand. 

This is especially effective if you don’t have much room, and your couch takes up most of the living room, as the lower height of the coffee table will improve the viewing experience for all.

Make a Storage Tower

This might be a particularly unorthodox way to utilize your coffee table, but with the right combination of furniture pieces, this can work very well. A coffee table offers storage space, both on top of it and below it as well, which means that with a fitting chest of drawers or maybe a free-standing cabinet, you can utilize the space both above and below the coffee table to make a conglomerate tower of storage and design. 

Maybe you have a wide chest of drawers that doesn’t really visually make sense anywhere on it’s own. But if you slid it under the coffee table and put it against the wall, now you have a storage space that doubles as a coffee table. Maybe you have a free-standing cabinet that you put your liquor or other valuables in, but it doesn’t really look good on the floor. 

Place it on top of your coffee table, and then you have easy access to the cabinet, while still supporting the overall design of your home interior; the opportunities are endless!

Coffee Tables Online – Monarch Home Furnishings

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can utilize a coffee table in your home. But only you know what fits best in your home and how you can make it work. That’s why Monarch Home Furnishings offers a wide variety of coffee table designs and other furniture styles, giving you the freedom to beautify your home, and all from the ease of an online store. Start shopping today!

Apr 06, 2021 Carlee Heinmiller

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